Cherry Hills has been developed in 12 phases.

Phase 1 Covenant | Phase 2 Covenant

Phase 3 Covenant

Phase 4 Covenant
Phase 5 Covenant

Phase 6 Covenant
Phase 7 Covenant

Phase 8 Covenant

Phase 9 Covenant

Phase 10 Covenant

Phase 11 Covenant

Phase 12 Covenant

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Deanna Glosser said...

1. The Phase 12 Covenant's that are found at that link are titled "Phase 11 Covenant". Do these apply to Phase 12 as well? The lot #s listed in this covenant are clearly not in Phase 12. I want to be sure I am following the correct rules.
2. I hope to build a screened-in porch on the back of my house in the spring. Are there design standards available from the architectural committee to guide me in designing this porch? I do not want to pay for a design only to find it does not comply with the rules. There is a house two doors from me with a porch similar to what I hope to build so assume it is possible to get approval for what I am wanting to have built.

Thank you
3413 Waterville Ct.

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